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3 Hardwood Floor Trends to Try February 20, 2018

Manorville, Suffolk County
3 Hardwood Floor Trends to Try , Manorville, New York

When it comes to the interior design in your home, opting for hardwood floors will provide you with an elegant, classic aesthetic. The durable, natural material is a top selection for almost any room and type of home. However, even though wood is timeless, the style, plank size, and color trends have changed over the years. If you want to utilize popular options, consider some of the ideas below.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Hardwood Floor Trends

1. Color

Dark hardwood floors have gained popularity over the last few years. The rich shades trending now are more on the cooler side of the spectrum, displaying fewer reds and yellows and more grays and blacks in their undertones. Some homeowners even choose a true black, which is an opaque finish that masks the wood grain but adds depth to the space.

Or, if you want a less dramatic look, but still want to stay on the cool side of the palette, opt for gray and white washes. These neutral options accent the grain of the wood and can be applied to create a weathered, antique look. 

2. Location

hardwood floorAt one time, having wood floors in a bathroom or kitchen was unheard of. Due to the moisture in those rooms, homeowners shied away from installing the material for fear of what the humidity might do. Now, using hardwood in these areas is feasible, especially if the planks are installed correctly with the proper sealants to keep moisture from penetrating the surface.

3. Planks

Wider, longer planks are a versatile choice that fit well into any home, from modern designs to more rustic houses. Wider planks create an illusion of bigger spaces, especially in smaller rooms. There are fewer seams that will cut the room and distract the observer, giving the appearance of more square footage in the space.

The opposite end of the hardwood floor spectrum is to proudly showcase every defect and imperfection in each plank. This celebrates the natural appearance of the wood itself, bringing character to the room and even a bit of rustic elegance. Natural wood flooring is also a great choice if you are concerned about the environment and staying green.


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