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Why It’s Time to Start Looking for a Pool Maintenance Company February 20, 2018

Newtown, Newtown
Why It’s Time to Start Looking for a Pool Maintenance Company, Newtown, Ohio

Before you can say “cannonball,” the days will start getting warmer, winter coats will go back in the closets, and it will be swimming season again. Get a jump-start on preparing your pool by researching maintenance companies before the summer arrives. There are several good reasons why beginning your search early will save you money and frustration later.

Why You Should Start Finding a Pool Maintenance Company Now

Find One Before They Get Busy

In a short while, all the maintenance companies will be flooded with business. They’ll have their pick of customers and will be able to charge more for their work. Some may also be forced to turn people away due to the sheer volume of requests.

poolFor now, though, many of those companies don’t have as much to do, which is why this is the perfect time to lock one down for later in the year. Their lack of clients may even mean you can negotiate lower fees, but that window of opportunity won’t last long.

Inspect Your Pool for Damage

Before your kids start clambering to get in the water, you’ll want to have everything inspected and cleaned. Finding a company now will give them ample time to get rid of the accumulated gunk and apply chemicals to make sure everything is safe and swim-worthy. Summer is short enough, so you don’t want to waste a second after it starts.


For anyone looking for maintenance help around the Cincinnati, OH, area, Don Marcum’s Pool Care can provide all the services necessary for clean, healthy water that never loses its sparkle. Whether you have an in-ground pool, a saltwater pool, or a hot tub, they have the experience and tools to care for it. To contact them today about getting ready for swimming season, visit their website or call them at (513) 561-7050.

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