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How to Select the Best Floor Installation for Your Kitchen February 23, 2018

Southeast Warren, Warren
How to Select the Best Floor Installation for Your Kitchen, Warren, Indiana

If you’re considering a new floor installation for your kitchen, the sheer amount of options may seem a little daunting. Integrity Carpet Care of Indianapolis can help make the decision a bit easier, thanks to their extensive knowledge, which has accrued over the course of 10 years of service. Along with carpet cleaning and stain treatment, these professionals can also assist with selecting the best possible flooring for your kitchen, which entails carefully considering the following factors.

How to Determine Which Kitchen Floor Installation Is Best for Your

1. Cost

There are quite a few costs to consider when purchasing flooring. The square footage of your kitchen is important, but the type of material you purchase can also have an impact. For instance, vinyl floors tend to be less expensive, but they can also hold up well under heavy traffic. Conversely, ceramic tile is a bit more expensive but offers greater appeal in terms of style and aesthetics. Figure out how much you can spend, and use this estimate to select a material that lives up to your expectations.

2. Style

floor installationStyle is also an important consideration. Is your kitchen rustic and homey? In this case, wood flooring could be the best option. Wood flooring can be treated, so it withstands staining and increased foot traffic, which makes it a popular option in many kitchens. If you’re concerned about cost, you can opt for laminates, which mimic the look of wood at a more affordable price.

3. Durability

Of course, your kitchen floor also needs to be tough. Tile flooring is ideal if you’re searching for increased durability in your kitchen, especially if you have a larger family or pets in the home. Porcelain tile is particularly rugged, and can also offer a similar look to stone, which many homeowners find attractive. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of flooring materials but still want something tough, cork can be a good option (although it does require a bit more maintenance than other flooring systems).  

Indianapolis customers rely on Integrity Carpet Care when searching for quality flooring products and professional service. Learn more about the full range of services offered by this company, including floor installation, by visiting the website. You can also receive a personalized quote by calling  (317) 730-2570 today.

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