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What Household Items to Replace After a Year, According to Home Cleaning Specialists February 21, 2018

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What Household Items to Replace After a Year, According to Home Cleaning Specialists, Lincoln, Nebraska

Maintaining a clean, healthy house goes beyond regular dusting and disinfecting. In fact, many household items require replacing after a year, either because they lose potency or become too dirty. Enhance your home cleaning and purging efforts with this handy guide from Hire A Maid in Lincoln, NE.

Home Cleaning Experts Explain What to Replace After A Year

1. Shower Liners & Bath Mats

Shower liners are exposed to water and personal care products on a daily basis, while bath mats are constantly walked on with wet feet. Both last about a year before becoming dingy and bacteria-ridden. While you can wash bath mats in your washing machine to prolong their use, it’s best to replace them after a year due to water exposure and possible mildew growth.

2. Toiletries

home cleaningToiletries such as powder makeup, sunscreen, and face wash last about one year before their chemical ingredients start to break down. Old products can cause rashes and other allergic reactions, and the chemicals may enter your bloodstream by way of skin absorption. Replace them as necessary to avoid these issues.

3. Plastic Tupperware

Plastic tupperware featuring #3 or #7 recycling indicators contains BPA and PVC. Exposing it to heat repeatedly can cause these chemicals to escape, so replace your containers after a year to protect your family. If a tupperware container is cloudy, scratched, warped, or stained, replace it as soon as possible.

4. Spices

Old spices are not detrimental to your health, but they do lose their flavor and make dishes less tasty. Replace the spices on your rack every one to two years for delicious meals. If you cannot remember when you bought a spice, throw it out and recycle the plastic or glass container.

5. Yoga Mat

Yoga mats need replacing on an annual basis due to bacteria and germ accumulation. Sweat and bacteria work together to create unpleasant or sour odors. The mat may also need replacing if it is starting to deteriorate or no longer cushioning your joints.

Hire A Maid is here to help you enjoy a clean and healthy home. This trusted commercial and residential cleaning service has made Lincoln homes and businesses sparkle for over 25 years. Office and home cleaning services are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, so you can easily create a schedule that works for you. Call (402) 560-1904 or visit the professional cleaners online to learn more about their services.

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