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3 Ways to Make Better Use of Your Dining Room February 20, 2018

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3 Ways to Make Better Use of Your Dining Room, Fairbanks, Alaska

Some people have a dining room they rarely use. It may be a formal style you only take advantage of during holidays, or your busy life may not allow you to sit down and enjoy a meal around the table every night. But you don’t have to let the dining room furniture and square footage go to waste. Below are three ways you can take back your space and make it a part of your home you use daily.

Use Your Dining Room More With These 3 Tips

1. Turn It Into an Office

Your dining room furniture makes the perfect home base for an office. Consider swapping out a hard wooden chair for a more comfortable office variety, like one that swivels or has more cushioning, as you’ll likely spend a lot of time here. Also, make sure you have quality lighting from overhead fixtures or lamps so you don’t strain your eyes.

2. Create a Homework Space

dining-room-furnitureDo your kids need some motivation to get their schoolwork done? Create the perfect study space at home with your dining room furniture. Use benches and chairs for seating, and set up school supplies in the middle of the table so everyone can easily reach whatever they need. You can supervise your little ones while they work on math, science, and geography thanks to this room’s central locale. 

3. Convert It Into a Hobby Room

If your family is musical, turn an unused dining room into a practice space. Add music stands and a piano along with mood lighting to make it feel like a stage. If you’re into crafting, create a room where you can work on knitting, putting together model airplanes, or scrapbook. You’ll need ample storage for all your materials, plus task lighting so you can work late into the night on those passion projects.


Whether you’re looking for a practical change into an office or homework space, or you’d like more room for your hobbies, revamp your seldom-used dining room. The design experts at House Of Kustom in Fairbanks, AK, will help you find the furniture to suit your needs or add onto your current setup so you can make use of the neglected table and chairs. To learn about their extensive catalog of dining room furniture, call (907) 456-5321. Visit their website for more information on their offerings, including Amish-made, solid-wood furniture.

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