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5 Early Signs of Alzheimer's to Look Out For  February 20, 2018

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5 Early Signs of Alzheimer's to Look Out For , Biron, Wisconsin

Alzheimer’s disease often comes on slowly, so while caring for your elderly loved one, it’s important to watch for signs of the onset of the health condition. As people age, elderly care professionals say seemingly insignificant changes could be important signals. Read on to learn five common signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Elderly Care: 5 Potential Red Flags to Watch For

1. Memory Issues

This may seem obvious, but if you’re noticing changes in your loved one’s memory, it could be an indicator of the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Minor bouts of forgetfulness aren’t always something to worry about, but if the memory lapses begin to occur often, take notice. 

2. Poor Judgment

Perhaps your loved one is typically quite frugal, but they suddenly start spending money lavishly on unnecessary things, or maybe they are just making decisions that are highly uncharacteristic for them. Elderly care professionals say these and other signs of seemingly poor judgment indicate something is off.

3. Repeating Things

Many elderly folks enjoy telling stories, but if you start to hear the same ones over and over, take heed. Furthermore, watch for your loved one asking you the same questions repeatedly or just restating things excessively.

4. Forgetting the Year

elderly careEveryone forgets the date once in a while, but if your beloved senior suddenly reverts back to thinking it’s a year that has long passed or you notice them forgetting the year on multiple occasions, that’s something to consider telling their doctor. 

5. Money Troubles

If your loved one never had major issues with money before, but now they struggle to remember to pay bills on time or suddenly aren’t doing their taxes as they should, that’s another possible indicator of Alzheimer’s. 

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