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How Winter Weather Damages Your Roof February 17, 2018

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How Winter Weather Damages Your Roof, Rochester, New York

Winter is a beautiful season of ice and snow. However, all that beauty can take a toll on your roof. In fact, according to Gerlach Home Improvements, a top roofing contractor in Rochester, NY, there are many ways in which the cold leads to needed repairs. It’s important for homeowners to understand the threats to protect against them. Here they share how the winter weather affects the roof and what to do about it. 

Roofing Contractor Reveals the Damages of Winter

Dead Limbs

In the colder season, the leaves and limbs of a tree can become unhealthy. When this happens, they run the risk of falling. Any tree that hangs over your home can potentially damage the roof, walls, or windows, especially when there is a lot of snow and ice covering the limbs. This adds extra weight and increases the chance of an accident.

Frozen Water

roofing contractorWater damage is a major threat to a roof. It can be more complicated in the winter season. If any drips get in between your shingles, it could tear them from their roots. This is because water expands when it freezes, adding additional pressure beneath the asphalt. This ice can also damage the gutters by weighing them down and shifting them off balance.

Ice Dam

This is one of the greatest threats according to roofing contractors. Ice dams occur because of the conflicting interior and exterior temperatures. Heat from your living room rises and warms the underside of the shingles. This melts snow and allows it to drip down to the edges where it once again freezes. This happens continuously until a dam has formed. Ice dams prevent the water from draining. When this occurs, your roof will be put under a lot of weight as the snow continues to build.

Winter can be damaging to your roof. However, you can prevent this by calling in the professionals at Gerlach Home Improvements. Whether you need a roofing contractor or outdoor painting, their team will assist you. For over 42 years, they have served the residents and business owners in Rochester. For more information on this roofing company, visit their website or call (585) 381-5547.

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