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How Much Is Your Old Pocket Watch or Wristwatch Worth? February 15, 2018

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How Much Is Your Old Pocket Watch or Wristwatch Worth?, Greece, New York

Whether you’re looking to clear out some clutter or simply need to get some extra cash, selling an antique pocket watch or other vintage jewelry is a great option. At All Things Antiques And Collectibles in Rochester, NY, a quality watch is always an appealing buy. But, how can you know whether your watch will be worth anything? While getting a professional to look at your watches and vintage jewelry is the best way to determine their value, there are a few attributes you can look for to identify whether they are worth selling.


vintage jewelryOne of the biggest distinguishing features of any piece of vintage jewelry is its manufacturer. While this is often because certain brands use higher-quality materials, a good reputation is often enough to increase a watch’s value.

For vintage watches, brands like Rolex®, Omega®, and Hamilton® tend to bring in the highest value. Their reputation for quality and durability makes them an appealing choice for many buyers.


An automatic or self-winding watch will always be more valuable than a mechanical watch due to its ease of use. Quartz or battery-powered watches typically aren’t as desirable, unless they are from a brand like Bulova Accutron® or are a scientific or digital watch.

The materials and design choices ultimately influence a watch’s value because they not only affect its visual appeal but also its long-term functionality and usability.

You never know what treasures you might find when you search through your jewelry collection. Whether you wish to sell a pocket watch or vintage jewelry, you can trust All Things Antiques And Collectibles to provide a fair price for your valuables. Their friendly experts will always make the best offer. To learn more about selling jewelry to these vintage jewelry experts, visit them online or call (585) 647-9320.