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Top 3 Sprinkler Systems for Your Landscape February 19, 2018

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Top 3 Sprinkler Systems for Your Landscape, Victoria, Alabama

Automatic sprinkler systems can save time, reduce utility bills, and offer peace of mind for homeowners. However, not all sprinklers are created equal, so it’s important to understand your options and select the right one for your property. Luckily, Landscape Irrigation Experts in Jack, AL, have been providing the Wiregrass area with professional lawn irrigation services for over 20 years. Here, they’ve compiled a comprehensive list of sprinkler systems to help narrow down your selection.

3 Types of Sprinkler Systems

1. Drip Irrigation

This sprinkler system is the most environmentally conscious model on the market. Pipes with small holes installed below the surface of the soil release water to directly penetrate plant roots. This system allows homeowners to get the most out of their water supply while still promoting healthy growth. 

2. Pop-Up Sprinklers 

sprinkler systemPop-up sprinkler systems are common among irrigation companies, as their efficient and can be installed anywhere on a property. The system is primarily underground with small spouts that stick out above the grass. The range and length of the spray can be adjusted to suit your needs. With pop-up sprinklers, professionals must install the heads close enough to achieve maximum coverage. Otherwise, not all of your landscape will receive an adequate amount of water.

3. Rotor System

Rotor systems rely on a rotating head to spread water across your landscape. The head lets out water at a slower rate than pop-up sprinklers, which will help your soil absorb the moisture. Multiple streams can be set up around the property, but they require a bit more maintenance than single-rotary systems. Due to its large coverage area, this design is beneficial for those with large or irregularly shaped lawns.

Every landscape is different, so it’s important to carefully consider which sprinkler system is best for your property. Talk to a professional landscaping company that will help you determine the best option. Landscape Irrigation Experts specializes in landscape design and has facilitated over 3,500 sprinkler projects. Their team is comprised of professionals dedicated to superior customer service. For more information on how to beautify your outdoor space, visit them online or call (888) 569-9600.

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