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3 Comical Mishaps That Call for Kitchen Remodeling February 15, 2018

Rochester, Monroe
3 Comical Mishaps That Call for Kitchen Remodeling, Rochester, New York

Your kitchen is one of the most trafficked rooms of the home, and for this, it can sometimes pay the ultimate price. Having it destroyed by a member of the family, or a cooking mishap, might not seem humorous at the time, but Arrow Kitchens & Bath in Webster, NY, wants you to look on the bright side: at least you and your family are all in one piece. To lighten the mood a little, they’ve collected some of the most comical reasons they’ve seen over the years that call for kitchen remodeling services. 

3 Funny Mishaps That Call for Kitchen Remodeling Services 

1. Your Goose Is Cooked

Let’s face it: not everyone can whip up a mouth-watering meal like a professional chef. If you don’t keep an eye on that roast, or turkey in the oven, you might find yourself rushing to the pantry to pull out that fire extinguisher you knew you kept in there for a reason. Dealing with a kitchen fire is really no laughing matter, unless of course you burnt the Christmas turkey to a crisp, there’s no other food in the house, and it’s too late to run out to the nearest grocery store; need we go on? 

2. Doll Baths in the Sink  

kitchen-designRemember when your child was so small you used to give them baths in the kitchen sink? Well, one of your older children might have caught a glimpse of their sibling and taken it into their head to do the same with one, or many, of their favorite toys. Finding the kitchen flooded with water and the sink clogged can really dampen your evening, especially if all of your appliances and woodwork need to be replaced due to water damage. 

​​​​​​​3. Target Practice

Children need to be encouraged, especially when it comes to sports, right? That’s why you have to practice the utmost control and restraint when you come into the kitchen one day to find your little Gretzky using the oven to practice slap shots (especially if they’ve whiffed a few and blown a hole in the cabinets).  At this point, it’s better to simply cool off by turning around, walking away, and calling a local kitchen remodeling expert; you might also forbid your children from ever entering the kitchen again. 

When one of the scenarios above happens to you, take a deep breath and try not to lose it, then call your kitchen design expert to build yourself a new one. In their more than 50 years of business, Arrow Kitchens & Bath has nearly seen it all, which means they’ll likely have an affordable solution for your needs. Call them today at (585) 670-9910 to learn more about their services or visit their website for more helpful tips and updates. 

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