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3 Popular Home Additions That Will Make Your Dream House Come to Life February 13, 2018

Ingram, Kerr
3 Popular Home Additions That Will Make Your Dream House Come to Life, Ingram, Texas

The chance to perform new construction in your home is a unique opportunity to reimagine the look of the space. Rather than simply upgrading the existing decor, why not consider new home additions to bring your vision of a dream dwelling into reality. With a bit of research and the help of a qualified home improvement contractor, you can add new features that are both beautiful and functional. The key to getting the most out of new home additions is to do your due diligence so that you know which choices will benefit your family the most. 

The Top 3 Home Additions Your Family Will Love

1. Bedrooms

Adding another bedroom to your home can make a world of difference in its overall functionality. If your existing bedrooms are cramped, out-of-date, or dark, it’s likely that they are bringing down the value of the property and creating more dysfunction in your home than is necessary. Instead, ask your contractor about adding a new room (or two) that matches your home’s updated style and is large enough to fit at least one more bed, adding plenty of space for your family, friends, and future buyers. 

2. Outdoor Space

home additionsIf your family and friends spend the majority of their time cooped up inside while at home, why not spruce up the outdoor space? Adding a sunroom or screened porch with plenty of room for all of your guests will breathe new life into the house and make it feel spacious and bright. The beauty of adding a sunroom or screened porch is that it provides a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors without committing to the evening chill. Plus, with the right design and construction strategies, you can maximize the space for organization, total ease of use, and convenience for all. 

3. Laundry Room

You spend time each week doing laundry, so why not make it a place you love to spend time? If your existing laundry space is cramped, dark, or laid out inefficiently, you’re a candidate for a washroom addition. An expanded space with more windows, a new washing tub or sink, or a larger set of cabinets will make each load of clothes feel more manageable. Talk to your contractor about what is possible in terms of creating an entirely new laundry room if your current setup is in the garage or off-site entirely.


Making changes to your home is exciting and an excellent investment when done correctly. In Hunt, TX, homeowners look to Sierra Construction to implement the home additions they’ve dreamt up. Their team of experienced contractors is well versed in both renovations and remodeling. Whether you’re in the market for new construction, roofing assistance or general repairs, you can trust that their individualized approach to renovation will provide exemplary results. For more help, reach out at (830) 238-4115.

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