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4 Key Safety Tips for Operating Backhoes February 12, 2018

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4 Key Safety Tips for Operating Backhoes, Winder, Georgia

On any given day at a construction site, you'll likely see a backhoe performing a number of important tasks. From digging to leveling and excavating, this powerful piece of machinery is a must-have for transforming ground. Given its ability to carry out a range of duties, the proper use of a backhoe is critical to ensuring the safety of the operator, co-workers, and the site's surroundings. 

Important Backhoe Safety Tips

1. Review All Controls

A proper safety inspection starts with checking all the backhoe's functions, including the parking brake, brake pedals, seat belt, all the machine's controls, and steering wheel position. Test the swing lock and boom for proper placement for safe driving. Make sure the backup alarm is working as well. Always do a visual inspection of the entire backhoe to spot any signs of damage.

2. Double Check Stability For Heavy Loads

After checking the weight and height of a load to ensure the backhoe can accommodate the lift, test the machine's stability. Start by raising the front tires from the ground to test the machine's levelness. Do the same for the rear tires, too. The backhoe's stabilizers should be kept far apart to adjust to the ground's conditions. Softer territory may require the stabilizers to be used at maximum flotation.

3. Do a Pre-Excavation Prep

backhoesBefore operating the backhoe, it is strongly recommended, and often required, to check the site. Operators need to know if tanks, pipes, and other materials are buried in the ground. Contact local utility agencies to identify gas lines and electrical and telephone cables. For excavation projects, federal agencies, such as OSHA, require spoils to be placed to accommodate soil grades and desired digging locations.

4. Use the Bucket Diligently

Take special care when using the backhoe's bucket. Aim to keep it low to the ground based on the terrain. Doing so will keep the operator's view unobstructed and help stabilize the machine's gravity center. Navigating on hills or slopes requires extra safety precautions. Keep loads to a minimum and maintain the bucket in the "up" position for even balance while traveling up a hill. Put the machine in the reverse down position for downhill travel to prevent load spillage.


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