Makawao Ahupua`a, Hawaii

Why Trees Are Worth Saving February 12, 2018

Makawao Ahupua`a, Makawao-Paia
Why Trees Are Worth Saving, Makawao-Paia, Hawaii

Trees provide people with untold benefits, yet most homeowners would rather cut down an old or dying one than hire a professional to save it. To counter this, the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative works to bring awareness to the environmental and financial benefits of protecting trees. Their primary goal is to repopulate Hawaii’s forests with native species. In fact, according to a recent article, they want to plant 1.3 million trees, matching the number of people who live in Hawaii. But why is this initiative so important?

Why Should People Save Trees?

The Benefits

Tree leaves filter the air naturally and help rid the atmosphere of dust and pollutants. They also improve the community's water quality via their root systems.

In a residential area, trees provide shade that keeps home temperatures cooler and energy bills lower. Tree-lined streets also help to beautify business districts and encourage cars to slow down and notice storefronts, which is why they are strategically added to cityscapes.

How You Can Help

Taking care of the trees on your property means regularly pruning them. You’ll want to make sure dead or diseased branches are removed to improve the plant’s structure and light penetration. 

Mulching is also important. Apply 2 to 4 inches of wood chips to the base of your trees. This will help lock in much-needed moisture and keep weeds and unwanted grass at bay.

treeLastly, your trees need to be watered. They require about 3 inches every week to stay healthy, so keep track of the rainfall your area is receiving, and give them any extra water they need on your own. Just remember to soak them slowly to prevent runoff. You should also consider fertilizing your trees, especially when they are young and most in need of nutrients. Consult a professional to find out the best type of fertilizer to use and how to apply it.

Finally, only remove a tree as a last resort. An expert arborist will work with you to save a dead or dying one and has numerous techniques at their disposal beyond removal. If you do need to take a tree out, plant another one to ensure you and others keep reaping the many benefits these leafy giants provide.


Need assistance caring for the trees on your property? DeCoite Tree Service on Oahu, Hawaii, is dedicated to sustaining the trees on the island and helping the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative reach its goals. They have been helping area residents care for and maintain their plants for more than two decades. They also offer stump removal and land clearing services. Call them at (808) 573-2756 or check out their website to learn more about their services.

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