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4 Tips for Preventing Burst Pipes March 13, 2018

Waterloo, Monroe
4 Tips for Preventing Burst Pipes, Waterloo, Illinois

Burst pipes are more than just a hassle; they’re a costly issue that affects your entire septic system. When a pipe bursts, it continues to leak, with the potential to spread wastewater and sewage throughout the room. This happens quickly, and without professional help, it’s difficult to control. The sewer maintenance experts at J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning in Waterloo, IL, explain how you can prevent burst pipes and avoid the mess.

Protect Your Septic System: 4 Tips to Keep Pipes From Bursting

1. Use Insulation

Temperatures fluctuate no matter what the season, so protect outdoor faucets and pipes with an insulating dome. This device is affordable and easy to find at any hardware store. Place it over your pipes to protect them against the elements, including ice, snow, and rain. Moisture, especially during the freeze-thaw cycle of winter, causes pipes to expand and burst, but they’ll stay protected when moisture can’t reach them.

2. Stop Leaks Early

To avoid causing damage to your septic system, stop leaks before pipes burst. Phone a professional immediately, and before they arrive, stop the leak by sealing it off with caulk as a temporary barrier. This also prevents air from flowing through the pipes, which causes them to freeze, rust, and create blockages further down your system. If a blockage is allowed to spread far enough, you might need to replace your pipes. 

3. Release the Pressure

septic systemAvoid potential bursts by releasing pressure in your pipes. If they aren’t used often, bursts are more likely to occur. Just a few drips will get the water flowing, successfully releasing built-up pressure. Let it run through your household’s faucets for a few minutes, and your pipes will stay pressure-free.

4. Turn Up the Heat

Pipes can easily freeze during winter, so turn up the heat a few degrees, especially in areas near water lines. You can also run hot water through your pipes, allowing them to warm up quickly.

Burst pipes are irritating, but they’re also easy to avoid. With a few simple tips, you can protect both your pipes and your entire septic system. J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning will help, using top-notch tools and techniques to protect your pipes and springing into action if one bursts. Visit their website for more information, or call (618) 939-3001 to schedule your appointment today.

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