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Chiropractor Explains How to Reduce Back Pain at Work February 15, 2018

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Chiropractor Explains How to Reduce Back Pain at Work, St. Peters, Missouri

Office jobs may not be physically demanding, but sitting down for eight or nine hours a day takes a toll on your body. In recent years, standing desks have grown in popularity, but most modern workplaces still have traditional office furniture. Fortunately, employees of businesses that have yet to adapt do not have to resign themselves to a lifetime of spinal pain. Below, a chiropractor from Mid Rivers Chiropractic in St. Peters, MO, explains how to maintain perfect posture at work.

How to Avoid Back Pain if You Have a Desk Job

Set Up the Workstation Correctly

If you have an adjustable office chair, you’re well on the way to a healthier spine — as long as you take advantage of it. Adjust the chair’s height so your elbows are bent at a right angle when your hands are resting on the work surface. This will promote good posture all day long.

Lower back support is also essential when sitting in a chair for hours at a time. If your work chair does not have sufficient support and the company is unwilling to invest in a better version, purchase a pillow designed to provide lumbar support.

Take Frequent Breaks

chiropractorEven the most ergonomic workstation can cause back pain if you do not get up and stretch periodically. Every 30 minutes, stand up and take a brisk walk around the office. If you’re concerned about appearing unproductive, use this time to go to the restroom, refill your coffee mug or water bottle, or check in with co-workers. Those who get an hour for lunch should also consider setting aside 20 minutes for some gentle exercise. Take a walk around the neighborhood to promote circulation and better spinal health.

If you have followed the advice above but are still suffering from back pain, it may be because your spine is misaligned. If this is the case, a chiropractor will provide immediate relief by making a few simple adjustments. Turn to Mid Rivers Chiropractic in St. Peters, MO, for a full assessment to determine the most effective way to combat the pain. You can learn more about the comprehensive chiropractic treatment they provide by visiting their website. To make an appointment with a chiropractor, call (636) 279-1400. 

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