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How a Strict Music Teacher Sets Your Child Up for Success February 15, 2018

New York, Richmond
How a Strict Music Teacher Sets Your Child Up for Success, New York, New York

Many students benefit from the guidance of a teacher who pushes them to do their best both inside and outside of the classroom. That’s especially true of kids who are enrolled in voice lessons. Singing is a fine art that takes time and patience to master, and those who work hard, practice regularly, and work with a firm disciplinarian are more likely to succeed. Here are several ways tough teachers can make a difference.

3 Advantages of a Serious Instructor

1. Improved Work Ethic

Just like doing homework after school, the learning doesn’t stop after a student leaves their voice lesson. In fact, that’s when kids can really improve upon what they learn in class. Practice makes perfect, and that’s especially true in an industry where competition is fierce and honing skills takes years of hard work. Kids who study with stern teachers learn that the only way to be the best one can be is through hard work and dedication.

2. Maintain Accountability

Staten Island, NY voice lessonsThe most dedicated students understand that a key element of voice lessons is being accountable for your decision to learn the craft. When they commit to attending their music lesson, they’re getting an education they can’t glean just anywhere; they’re in the hands of a capable professional who is committed to improving their skills. Attending each singing lesson is imperative because it shows a level of dedication and motivation. Parents will be satisfied, too, knowing it’s money well spent.

3. Real World Preparation

The music industry is not a playground, and that’s a great reason to embrace working with a firm, no-nonsense teacher who wants only the best for their students and sets them up for the future. As kids’ skills improve during their voice lessons and they start progressing in the music world, they’ll quickly recognize just how invaluable it was to work with a teacher who taught them the value of hard work, discipline, and responsibility. Music is fun, but for those pursuing a career in the industry, it’s something that should be taken seriously.


At DEA Music and Art in Staten Island, NY, students enrolled in voice lessons receive only the very best instruction from musicians who take their craft seriously. This love of music is displayed in every class they offer, from guitar and violin to singing lessons. The first four classes are free, so your kid can see if it’s something they enjoy before committing. If you’re interested in enrolling your child, visit the school’s website, or call (718) 876-5223 today.