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Top 4 Propane Safety Tips August 1, 2018

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Top 4 Propane Safety Tips, Lynne, Wisconsin

Propane is one of the most versatile fuel sources available, providing an affordable source of heat and electricity. The next time you pick up a tank at the gas station, however, keep some safety tips in mind. Propane is hazardous if mishandled, so cautious use is vital. Keep your home and your family safe by following these four simple tips.

4 Propane Safety Tips to Follow

1. Learn How to Handle Your Tank

Propane leaks can quickly result in a fire, but handling your tank cautiously will greatly reduce that hazard. Never store it anywhere in your living space, including the basement or the attic, and never leave it inside a locked vehicle. When you’re ready to use the fuel, contact a professional to connect and secure the tank to any propane-powered appliances.

2. Leave Outdoor Appliances Outside

While a propane grill might be an excellent cooking surface, don’t bring it inside once winter arrives. Appliances such as grills and generators belong outdoors, as the fumes they produce can be hazardous in closed spaces. There are plenty of propane-powered appliances that are affordable and safe to use indoors, but always check first.

3. Get Routine Leak Checks

The smell of propane alone can lead to breathing issues, so you should take even minor leaks seriously. The state of Connecticut requires a mandatory leak check before the gas is turned on, so have a professional evaluate the system regularly. Not only are you obeying the law, but you’re ensuring that your family stays safe.

4. Take Advantage of Propane Delivery

propaneIf it’s possible, set up a delivery schedule—or establish one yourself—for your propane. This guarantees that you’ll always have fuel when you need it, and you won’t have to worry about running out of heat in the middle of winter. Check the fuel gauge to evaluate how much propane you have left; once the level drops to 20% or below, get yourself a new tank as soon as possible.


Propane has many diverse uses, and when you follow a few simple safety tips, you can keep warm, cook your favorite foods, and run the generator safely, all while keeping your home and family well-protected. Stock up on propane at Tripoli, WI’s Tri-Mart BP. The local gas station and convenience store offers propane, diesel, and unleaded gas, with fuel pumps open 24/7. They also have an assortment of snacks and drinks available, so you can satisfy your appetite, too. Visit the website for more information, or call (715) 564-2440 today!

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