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Chiropractor Explains Spinal Cord Tension in Low Back Pain February 7, 2018

Pure Balance
February 19, 2018 6:30PM - February 19, 2018 7:00PM
Chiropractor Explains Spinal Cord Tension in Low Back Pain, Manhattan, New York

Low back pain? Dr. Michael Magwood of Pure Balance and Pure Balance Center in Clifton, NJ presents a powerful 30 minute spinal health workshop.  It is designed as a core introduction to the benefits of chiropractic care and the variety of causes of neurological disruption in patients with back pain. For example many patients ask, "Is it a muscle thing?" or "Is it a pinched nerve?" A spinal problem always involves the relationship between muscles, bones, and nerves in measuring the causative layers of stress.

Chiropractic in principle was designed to detect and clear vertebral subluxations. This workshop will define subluxation both historically and in the latest context of spinal care. We will also touch on the evolution of chiropractic adjusting techniques and the value of the Torque Release model, a neurological based assessment and adjustment, built out of research for the purpose of measuring and improving the human state of well-being.

This is the background that we all know: Poor posture and lifestyle stress can lead to a poorly functioning, diseased spine. We emphasize that an improperly functioning spine creates dis-ease as it creates imbalanced forces at its neurological attachments. Put under increased stress and over time, more complicated spinal disease can occur including joint degeneration or arthritis and disc decay or herniation. This can result in direct spinal cord pressure.

Your chiropractor should be an expert in a variety of techniques to detect the source of the problem. Surprisingly, the cause is often located in a different place than the pain. The pain is a symptom that can a result from a pattern of persistent spinal imbalance that remains uncorrected. This is why an informed patient will make it a point to get regular chiropractic checks even in the absence of a painful flare-up.

For more information about Dr. Magwood’s practice or to register you and your guest for any of his workshops in the Clifton NJ office, visit workshops or call the office at 973-773-8244.

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