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Why It’s Crucial to Keep up With Pet Vaccinations April 23, 2018

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Why It’s Crucial to Keep up With Pet Vaccinations, Penfield, New York

Clark Animal Care Center, a Penfield, NY, animal hospital, takes preventative care very seriously, as it keeps major health problems from happening. One important component of preventative care is pet vaccinations, which are crucial for all of your four-legged friends. If you haven’t been keeping up with booster shots, it’s worth getting back on schedule.

Here are a few reminders of why pet vaccinations are so important:

  • Protection From Easily Transmitted Diseases: All young animals, including puppies and kittens, need to at least receive their “core” vaccinations. These vary between species, but generally protect pets from distemper, rabies, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), parvovirus, and other common but preventable illnesses. These establish a foundation for your pet to lead a healthy life. 

  • pet vaccinationsPrevent Spread of Illness to Humans: Certain diseases, such as rabies, can be transmitted to humans and cause serious illness or even death. Rabies is also an example of a pet vaccination that needs annual booster shots for continued effectiveness. It’s so important that many foreign countries require travelers’ pets to have a recent rabies vaccination before entering. By keeping your pet recent with vaccinations, you’ll avoid any potential danger to humans and other pets. 

  • Reduce Risk From Lifestyle: Some vaccinations aren’t strictly necessary for every pet but may be recommended by veterinarians based on an individual pet’s lifestyle. For example, kennel cough vaccines are not mandatory for every dog, but they are recommended for ones that spend time with other dogs during obedience classes, at doggy daycares or pet boarding centers.

If your pet is due for their next booster shot or still needs their core inoculations, make an appointment at Clark Animal Care Center. They offer a comprehensive array of pet health services, including pet vaccinations, and can be reached at (585) 377-1160 for appointment scheduling. For more information about this Penfield area practice, visit their website

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