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4 Helpful Seating Tips for New Cello Players February 13, 2018

Brighton, Monroe
4 Helpful Seating Tips for New Cello Players, Brighton, New York

The cello is a widely-beloved musical instrument, renowned for its deep, rich tone and versatility. If you’re just starting out, there are some helpful steps to take before you even begin to play. One of those is establishing the proper seating position. The String House in Rochester, NY, is a family-owned musical instrument store with over 50 years of experience. Their knowledgeable staff offers four tips to help you get the right position.

How to Get Into Position Before You Play 

1. Maintain Three Contact Points 

celloThe cello should contact three points in the body: both knees and the chest. Specifically, both knees should touch by the lower bouts. The top of your chest, around your sternum, should touch the top of the cello back. The C-peg should be behind and below your left ear. 

2. Keep Hips High 

You may have seen cellists seated in chairs that slightly slope toward the front. That’s because it’s important to keep the hips a bit higher than the knees. You can purchase a cushion or chair designed for cellists, or raise the back of the chair with a prop, such as padding or a wood block. Keeping the hips slightly higher than the knees helps to reduce back strain and pain.

3. Maintain a Healthy Posture 

You’ve probably been told to sit or stand up straight to maintain proper posture. That’s because slouching can strain the lower back and other muscles, including the shoulders and neck. Proper position affects your health as well as your performance. Avoid hunching over the cello and let your neck rest naturally on your shoulders without pushing your head forward. 

4. Keep Feet Flat on the Floor 

With the proper chair or stool, feet will be flat on the floor. This improves stability and makes it easier to maintain good posture. If you bend your feet back or point your toes down, you’ll put undue strain on the abdominal muscles and knees. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the cello or other musical instruments, including the violin, viola, or upright bass, stop by The String House. They offer a broad range of new and used instruments for rent or sale, as well as various peripherals, such as bows, sheet music, and stands. Call (585) 442-9272 to speak with a friendly staff member. Or, visit the website to browse their products. 

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