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A Family Doctor on the Importance of Keiki Sports and School Physicals July 19, 2018

Waikoloa Village, Hawaii
A Family Doctor on the Importance of Keiki Sports and School Physicals, Waikoloa Village, Hawaii

At the onset of a new school year, your child athlete is probably excited about getting back into the game. The beginning of a new year is the best time to have your child undergo a sports physical from a family doctor, which can greatly reduce their risk of suffering an injury. Sports physicals allow young athletes to remain healthy and participate in sporting activities for years to come.

How Sports Physicals From a Family Doctor Reduce Injuries

Identify Underlying Health Issues

If your child suffers from a medical condition, it could impact their well-being while playing sports. Heart conditions, asthma, or chronic illnesses must be addressed before a child is cleared for play to ensure a safe experience. This entails a physical examination, as well as a review of past medical history. 

Emphasize Healthy Habits

family doctorHealthy dietary habits can also help kids remain safe when playing sports. During a physical, a doctor will emphasize the importance of eating right and living an active lifestyle. A well-rounded diet will provide your child with enough energy to perform on the field, while also making sure they are consuming the proper nutrients.

Ensure Proper Healing Has Occurred

If your child has suffered from a previous sports injury, a doctor will also verify that proper healing is taking place. If an athlete returns to activity before they are completely recovered, they face the risk of aggravating the previous injury and causing even more complications. This is particularly important for more serious injuries like concussions, the effects of which can become worse with subsequent injuries.


West Hawaii Community Health Center performs comprehensive physicals for athletes of all ages, while also offering many other essential health services. Schedule your appointment with a trusted family doctor by calling (808) 326-5629. You can also learn more about what drives this health center by visiting the website.

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