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Which Sides Should You Try at a Dominican Restaurant? February 15, 2018

New York, Queens
Which Sides Should You Try at a Dominican Restaurant?, New York, New York

It’s not always easy to decide what to order when you try a new restaurant. If you have never been to Mamajuana Cafe Queens, you should take your time when perusing their menu. This Dominican restaurant in Woodside, NY, offers many delicious dinner options to choose from as well as appetizers, soups, and sushi rolls. Here are some suggestions for which sides you should order with your meal next time.

3 Unusual Sides You Must Try at Your Local Dominican Restaurant

1. Yuca Fries

Dominican restaurantTraditional restaurants serve fries as a side item. In Latin restaurants, you will see yuca fries on the menu. Yuca fries are made from the yuca plant, also known as cassava. Yuca is a root vegetable like a potato. Before it can be baked, it must be boiled. If you’ve never had this twist on classic fries, give them a try. They’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

2. Tostones

The word tostones means “to toast.” When you order this dish, you’ll be eating twice-fried plantain slices. Plantains are cooking bananas, which can be eaten raw even though that’s not customary. Although this dish is deep fried, perfect tostones are dry and taste like a cracker.

3. Ensalada Verde

This seemingly complicated side item has a simple translation: Dominican style green salad. It’s full of delicious, fresh vegetables — including cucumbers, carrots, beets, avocados, and corn. It usually includes a vinaigrette dressing. This is one of the many healthy options you can find at Dominican restaurants.

If these sides are making you hungry, it’s time to make a reservation. At Mamajuana Cafe Queens, it’s not just about their mouthwatering dishes – although their guests rave about their food. When you eat there, you can expect fine wines and dancing in addition to flavorful dinners. View their menu online or give them a call at (718) 565-6454 for more information.

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