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3 Things to Consider Before Adding Onto Your House February 15, 2018

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3 Things to Consider Before Adding Onto Your House, Rainy Lake, Minnesota

You may have money saved up to hire a general contractor, and you may have countless ideas for your home remodeling project. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to add on to your home. As the team at Up North Builders in International Falls, MN, explains, there are a few things homeowners need to take into consideration before building an add-on to their house.

Top 3 Things Your General Contractor Wants You to Know Before Starting an Add-On Project

1. Zoning Restrictions

The first thing homeowners should consider is whether local zoning laws allow them to construct add-on. Most cities have rules regarding how close you can build to your property line, but many locations also have regulations that prevent you from building close to wetlands or other designated areas.

2. Your Preferences

general contractorWhen deciding whether to build an add-on or simply remodel part of your home, it is important to consider what you want and need. Some homeowners will only achieve their desired results by building a completely new addition to the house — as if they were designing their house from scratch. In many other situations, however, you can get the look and functionality you want simply by remodeling a pre-existing room.

3. Actual Costs

Most add-on projects cost between $100 and $200 per square foot, with even a small bathroom addition totaling over $40,000. If you don’t need to add square footage to your home, you can likely get the results you need for a much lower price by remodeling.

Do you need a general contractor for your next addition or remodeling project? Let Up North Builders help you manage the work! In business since 1999, these licensed and certified custom home builders will turn your dreams into reality. To learn more about their services, visit the general contractors online or call (218) 285-3635.

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