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How After School Programs Can Help Your Child With Homework February 14, 2018

Rosedale, Queens
How After School Programs Can Help Your Child With Homework, Queens, New York

Homework is a struggle for many school-age kids. Even if they don’t have a difficult time doing the work, they may not be motivated to get it done without a lot of prodding from their parents. Fortunately, after school programs can make a big difference because they provide a routine for daily homework assignments.

Don’t Forget to Do Your Homework

Your child is required to do their homework; otherwise, there will be consequences such as missed recess or detention. While it can be tiring to take on this responsibility as a parent, elementary school kids still need your assistance. Unfortunately, if your child doesn’t participate in an after school program and you don’t have time to monitor them, it will be difficult for them to complete the work, and their school performance may suffer. 

after school programsHow an After School Program Can Help

Many after school programs set up a dedicated space to allow the kids to get their homework done, making it part of their afternoon routine. Since everyone is working on it, your child won’t struggle as much as if they were doing it alone. It also helps that dedicated staff is available to help the children who are struggling.

After school programs don’t just help your child with homework. They also allow your child to make new friends and learn new skills. Additionally, they free up your evenings as a family. Instead of fighting with your child to get homework done, you can enjoy a relaxing evening together.


If homework is a big struggle, enrolling your child in an after school program may be the right solution for your family. Lov’in Hands Family Daycare can pick up your child from school and help them get their homework done. Their staff includes two licensed teachers who can assist with writing, math, and computer training. The daycare center serves Rosedale, NY, and the Queens area. Call (718) 723-0324 for more information about their services. 

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