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How Does a Submersible Well Pump Work? February 15, 2018

Nogal, Lincoln
How Does a Submersible Well Pump Work?, Nogal, New Mexico

The submersible well pump is a key part of any water well system. But how does this component help transport water to your home? Understanding how this pump works, as well as what maintenance issues to watch out for, will ensure you always have all the water you need.

What Does a Submersible Well Pump Do?

submersible well pumpSubmersible well pumps are located at the bottom of the well and submerged completely underwater. A combination of water pressure and atmospheric pressure forces water into the pump and up through a flexible pipe, so it can reach your home. This system connects to a pressurized tank, which signals to the pump when water is needed. This way, the pump is only activated when the above-ground tank needs refilling.

Caring for a Submersible Well Pump

The best way to keep this pump operating properly is to schedule a maintenance inspection during the same time you conduct water quality testing. This allows professional technicians to catch problems before they get out of hand.

If your pump stops working properly or fails altogether, there are a few signs to help you figure out the issue. A lack of water flow that can’t be connected to the circuit breaker or drought could indicate something is wrong with the pump. Sputtering or cloudy water coming from your faucet, as well as a spike in your electric bills, can also indicate pump failure, which may require immediate replacement.


Whether you need submersible well pump repairs or water well drilling, you can depend on Usrey Drilling in Nogal, NM, to provide exceptional, timely results. With over 75 years in business, their reputation for quality and reliability will make a difference for your commercial or residential project. To learn more about how this well company can assist you, call them at (575) 257-8584.

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