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3 Questions to Ask When Seeking Towing Service February 14, 2018

Elizabethtown, Hardin
3 Questions to Ask When Seeking Towing Service , Elizabethtown, Kentucky

When you’re stranded on the side of the road due to car troubles, it may be tempting to hire the first towing service company you come across. However, taking a few extra moments to find the best company to meet your needs will help avoid extra costs. If you need prompt service, review this list of essential questions to ask before hiring a tow truck.

3 Questions to Ask When You Need Towing Services

1. What Type of Payment Is Accepted?

Members of roadside assistance programs, such as AAA®, may not need to pay anything. However, it’s still important to ask about the forms of payments accepted. If you don’t have any type of towing insurance, you’ll need to ensure the company accepts the type of payment you can provide. 

2. When Can I Expect the Tow Truck to Arrive?

towing serviceMost companies will provide an estimated time frame for when you can expect the tow truck to arrive. They will arrive as promptly as possible, but times may vary based on traffic or weather conditions. If you’re stuck in an inconvenient or dangerous location, let the towing company know, so they can try to prioritize your pickup.

3. Can You Direct Me to an Auto Repair Shop?

Finally, you’ll need to determine where to have the vehicle towed. Some professionals work out of repair shops, which makes it convenient for the driver. Choosing to work with an all-in-one shop and towing service means the same team will handle your vehicle through the entire process to ensure prompt and effective auto care. 


When drivers in Elizabethtown, KY, need prompt and reliable towing services, they call All Around Auto Care. With more than 12 years of experience, their team responds quickly to stranded drivers with their dependable tow trucks. They also have a full-service auto shop, so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. To request service, call (270) 737-9954. For more information on their service, visit their website today.

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