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Computer Service Suggests 3 Ways to Prolong Smartphone Battery Life February 15, 2018

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Computer Service Suggests 3 Ways to Prolong Smartphone Battery Life, Russellville, Arkansas

Advancements in mobile technology mean smartphones now have many of the same capabilities as full-fledged computers. But the variety of purposes your phone serves can also end up draining its battery at a fast rate. According to the experts at Compute, being attentive to your phone’s consumption will help conserve its battery life considerably. Below, the Russellville, AR-based computer service shares some useful tips to keep your phone running longer before it needs to be charged again.

A Computer Service’s Tips to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

1. Use Connectivity Sparingly

An easy way to curb battery usage is to turn off the Wi-Fi when it’s not in use. In general, experts recommend switching to wireless 3G or 4G services, since they are easier on the battery. Additionally, be mindful of the power consumption whenever you switch the Bluetooth® option on. Bluetooth connectivity enables searching for signals from nearby devices and decreases battery life considerably.

2. Turn Off Extra Apps

Computer ServiceKeeping applications running in the background takes a toll on your mobile phone’s efficiency. Multiple applications may make it easy to switch from window to window to get a number of tasks done simultaneously. However, they can also burn out the device faster and warrant more frequent recharging. This is especially true for apps that are heavy on graphics or rely on a long-running script to operate.

3. Adjust the Screen Settings

Your phone’s battery could also be running out faster if you haven't optimized the screen settings yet. Reducing the brightness is one way to prevent your phone from losing power quickly. Additionally, check how long the screen timeout duration is, and set it on the lowest interval available on your phone. iPhone® users can adjust these settings by going to the Auto Lock option in their phone’s general settings.

Regular iPhone repairs and maintenance services can also address system bugs that could be draining the life out of your battery. Consult the experts at Compute to find solutions to improve your phone’s efficiency and performance. For more information about their smartphone repair and computer services, call (479) 968-4917 or visit their website.

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