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Pre-Owned vs Used Vehicles: What Your Local Chrysler® Dealer Wants You to Know February 14, 2018

Arlington Heights, 1
Pre-Owned vs Used Vehicles: What Your Local Chrysler® Dealer Wants You to Know, 1, Tennessee

While certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles are not new, distinct differences exist between them and used cars and trucks. If you are in the market for a used vehicle, learn about the differences between these options from King Cotton Chrysler® in Covington, TN. This local Jeep®, Ram®, and Chrysler dealer offers an extensive inventory of quality new and pre-owned vehicles at their two locations.

Chrysler Dealer Discusses the Differences Between Pre-Owned & Used Vehicles

Unlike a typical used vehicle, a certified pre-owned truck or car has undergone a thorough professional inspection of the transmission, brakes, engine, and heating and cooling system. Any necessary repairs are made, and the vehicle receives a manufacturer’s extended warranty. Cars and trucks must meet certain specifications to be considered for these programs, including mileage and age criteria.

chrysler dealerCPO vehicles do not feature the “bumper-to-bumper” coverage that new cars do, but frequently come with perks such as free maintenance and roadside assistance. Low finance rates are usually available as well.

Used cars do not offer any of these benefits, though they are typically less expensive. Standard used vehicles are purchased as is, and may be “lemons.” Extremely low prices are a red flag of a vehicle that has undisclosed damage or issues. Performing an inspection or taking it to your mechanic is recommended before purchasing a non-certified used car. Researching your local laws is also suggested, as most states have strict rules about selling faulty used vehicles.

If you are in the market for a used automobile, head to King Cotton Chrysler today. You will find a fantastic assortment of pre-owned vehicles and plenty of special deals and incentives. Contact this new and used Chrysler dealer at (901) 475-6080 with your questions or review their inventory online. You can also follow their Twitter for the latest industry news and tips.

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