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4 Uses of Concrete Retaining Walls on Your Property February 14, 2018

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4 Uses of Concrete Retaining Walls on Your Property, Sherman, West Virginia

That concrete wall on your property might not look like much, but it could actually be providing a key function, such as keeping your lawn from flooding. Concrete retaining walls have a variety of uses, some of which the professionals from Jolin Concrete Inc. in Romney, WV, have provided below to help you better understand their importance. Here are some important reasons to use concrete for retaining walls.

4 Functions of Concrete Retaining Walls 

1. Providing Soil Support

If you have a hilly property or areas of loose soil in your yard, installing a concrete retaining wall will keep it in place. This stabilizes the landscape, preventing soil from washing away.

2. Preventing Flooding 

Concrete retaining walls reduce the chance your property will flood by directing water away from certain areas. Floods can create thousands of dollars of property damage, so if you live in a location that experiences heavy rainfall, installing a retaining wall can prevent a disaster. Not only do they direct water runoff, but concrete retaining walls also ensure that water doesn’t pool in certain areas or destabilize the soil. 

concrete retaining wall3. Reducing Property Maintenance & Erosion 

With hills and dips on your property, heavy rainfall can force the need for hours of maintenance replacing washed away dirt and replanting shrubs and flowers. As such, many install retaining walls to reduce the need for such maintenance.

​​​​​​​4. Preventing Structural Damage

Another benefit of having a concrete retaining wall is that it can protect the other structures on your property. Perhaps you have a guest house or landscaping feature that you don’t want to be damaged by water runoff; installing a solid wall will keep them safe and sound. 

When it comes to protecting your property, a concrete retaining wall can reduce erosion and highlight the features in your yard. To learn more about their uses, contact the professionals from Jolin Concrete Inc. today at (304) 496-8007. They also specialize in concrete blocks, pipes and septic tanks, so visit them online for a closer look at their services. 

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