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A Brief Introduction to Sandblasting Memorials February 14, 2018

Troy, Bradford
A Brief Introduction to Sandblasting Memorials, Troy, Pennsylvania

When you want to create the perfect memorial headstone or marker for a loved one, you’ll likely hear the term sandblast. This abrasive cleaning method is often used to shape stone, especially those being placed in the cemetery. Below, Troy Marble & Granite Works in Bradford County, PA, explains the sandblasting process so you can understand the importance of it. 

sandblastFirst, you’ll choose the material you want for the headstone or marker, typically marble or granite. The stone piece is then shaped into a specific size and silhouette, often with a square or rectangle base and rounded edges. Then, it’s time for the sandblast design. You will choose a finish, like shiny or matte, along with wording or carvings. 

Then, a sandblast technician will enter your design into a computer to create a unique rubber stencil. The stencil will adhere to the stone to protect the areas that will not be sandblasted. Next, they will sandblast the stone to etch the names, dates, quotes, and images you’ve chosen into the headstone.

This process involves spraying sand at the stone with a high-pressure hose. The fast-moving air forces the tiny rocks at the monument with such force that they make a mark. To finish the piece, a technician sprays the design with high-pressure air to clear any leftover sandblast materials and leave the marker looking sharp.

Sandblast technology allows talented technicians to etch nearly any design into stone, resulting in a personalized monument. To learn about the possibilities this technology creates, call Troy Marble & Granite Works at (570) 297-2700. Visit the website for information on their granite, marble, and bronze memorials for people and pets. The company also makes porcelain portraits, vases, and benches along with memorial candles and lights.

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