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How to Keep Your Heating System Running Until Spring February 14, 2018

Ozark, Christian
How to Keep Your Heating System Running Until Spring, Ozark, Missouri

As winter continues, you depend on your heating system more and more to keep your family cozy and comfortable indoors. With heavy usage, it’s natural to be concerned about whether your unit can last the entire season. To stay ahead of any issues and breakdowns, here’s some insight into general maintenance. 

Preventative Measures Can Keep Your Heating Systems Running All Winter

Heating SystemThe best way to maintain this appliance year-round is to schedule routine service appointments with a heating and cooling contractor. Through seasonal inspections, you’ll have the opportunity to catch issues early on and ensure your system is always running at maximum efficiency. In addition to maintaining a close relationship with your contractor, swap your air filters every few months to help with airflow and eliminate dust and debris. Lastly, make a habit of inspecting the outdoor compressor for potential obstructions like fallen leaves, overgrown shrubs, or compacted snow. 

Signs You Need to Call an HVAC Contractor

In addition to preventative maintenance, keep a close eye on your thermostat. If the indoor temperature conflicts with the reading, there could be a wiring issue that needs professional attention. Cold spots, suspicious groaning sounds, pools around the appliance, utility bill spikes, or a constant cycle of turning on and off are also signs that indicate the need for furnace repair. 


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