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What to Do Immediately After Getting a DUI February 12, 2018

What to Do Immediately After Getting a DUI, Middletown, New York

Getting charged with a DUI is a serious criminal infraction that requires immediate attention. But in the aftermath, it's not uncommon for a suspect to feel uncertain, anxious, and overwhelmed by the complexities of the laws. To help you better safeguard your rights in the wake of an incident, below is a brief rundown of what to do if you’re ever in such a situation.

3 Essential Steps to Take if Charged With a DUI

1. Write Down the Details

DUIWhile the details are still fresh in your mind, take the time to record what transpired in the moments before, during, and after your DUI. Include the time, date, and location you were stopped; the reason they gave you for pulling you over; what was said between you and the officer; and what sobriety tests—such as a breathalyzer, blood test, or field testing—if any, were given. All of this information will be crucial to your defense.

2. Seek Witnesses

Was someone else in the vehicle with you when you were pulled over? Were you out with friends before you got behind the wheel? Did any family members talk to you after you arrived home? Chances are, there were witnesses with whom you interacted around the time of your DUI arrest, and they may be able to provide testimony that helps your case. Retrace your steps and reach out to anyone who can support your position.

3. Hire a DUI Lawyer

Having the support of a skilled attorney ensures you are protected at every step of the legal process. Your lawyer will help you build a strong and compelling defense, and they will advise you on what to expect throughout the evolution of your case. They are also professional negotiators and will work out plea bargains and lighter sentences whenever possible.


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