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What Makes Scratch & Dent Repair So Important? February 14, 2018

Galesburg, Knox
What Makes Scratch & Dent Repair So Important?, Galesburg, Illinois

A tiny scratch or dent from bumping into a shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot may not seem like a big deal. However, as the dent repair team at Pete’s Auto Body in Galesburg, IL, explains, even a tiny scratch can have big consequences for your vehicle. Here’s why dent or car scratch repair should be a top priority for any driver.

Rust & Other Repairs

Small scratches and dents can lead to more problems for your vehicle later on. The biggest risk is rust and corrosion. Though today’s vehicles use galvanized body panels to reduce the risk of corrosion, a scratch in the vehicle paint increases the likelihood of rust damage. 

dent repairOver time, rust that forms around a small scratch can spread and compromise the integrity of the body panel, requiring more expensive repair work. This problem is likely in areas with higher levels of humidity. Larger dents can also mask underlying damage and should be inspected and repaired to prevent future problems. 

Long-Term Value

Maintaining a high resale value for your car is tricky, and it’s more difficult if your vehicle has a dent or a noticeable scratch. This is especially true if you allow rust and other problems associated with this damage to get out of hand. Buyers are often reluctant to buy a car with a damaged exterior, as this can indicate the vehicle has other hidden problems. Paying a small amount to take care of necessary dent repair will help you avoid losing money when the time comes to sell your car.

If you need scratch or dent repair, turn to Pete’s Auto Body. The technicians at this collision center have over 155 combined years of experience, allowing them to provide fast, efficient work that will leave your car looking new. To learn more about their services or to request a repair estimate, visit them online or call (309) 342-9314 today.

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