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Custom Auto Leather Experts' Guide to Motorcycle Seat Maintenance February 14, 2018

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Custom Auto Leather Experts' Guide to Motorcycle Seat Maintenance, Dothan, Alabama

As temperatures begin to thaw out, many motorcycle enthusiasts begin to look ahead to the summer, when they will once again take their bike for fun, extended drives. But is your motorcycle seat going to provide the comfort you need for those long trips? As the custom auto leather experts at Whitehurst Auto Trim & Upholstery in Dothan, AL, explain, caring for your seat will make all the difference for your warm-weather rides.

Seat Cleaning & Maintenance

custom auto leatherEven if your motorcycle has been kept safe in a covered garage all winter, it’s best to clean and condition it before you go out on the open road again. As with other custom auto leather products, you should never just use soap and water to clean your leather. This could ultimately cause the leather to dry out and fade, leading to premature deterioration of your seat.

Instead, use a specialized leather cleaner that will safely remove dust and grime. Let the cleaner dry naturally—attempting to artificially speed up the drying process could cause damage. Once this is complete, apply a coating of water-repellent conditioner. This will add a solid layer of protection against water, sunlight, and heat.

Is It Time for a New Seat?

Of course, if your motorcycle seat already looks cracked and worn, it may be time to consider replacing it altogether. If this is the case, it’s well worth the extra investment to choose an ergonomically designed seat. This type of seating responds more favorably to your body’s needs, ensuring that you can sit comfortably even when driving for several hours. By reducing strain on your body, your summer motorcycle trips will be much more enjoyable.

Could your motorcycle or car use an upgrade? From installing seat heaters to replacing your auto upholstery, Whitehurst Auto Trim & Upholstery will help your vehicle provide style and comfort. To learn more about what their custom auto leather team can do for you, visit them online or call (334) 792-6145.

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