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3 Reasons Why Propane Is So Environmentally Friendly March 16, 2018

Wilton, Fairfield County
3 Reasons Why Propane Is So Environmentally Friendly, Wilton, Connecticut

In 1992, the United States enacted the Energy Policy Act, which sought to increase clean energy and energy efficiency. Propane was one of the clean fuel sources it named. If that’s surprising, it could be because many associate propane with gasoline and oil. They’re all hydrocarbons stored under pressure, sure, but propane is considered an alternative fuel source. Here’s what makes it so much cleaner than other energy sources.

What Makes Propane So Clean?

1. Propane Is Non-Toxic

UnlikePropane oil and gasoline, spilling propane won’t negatively affect the environment. A propane leak is still a considerable fire hazard, but unlike other heating types, it won’t harm one’s health upon exposure. This characteristic makes it much easier to store and dispose of. Accordingly, burning propane releases only water and carbon dioxide — none of the toxic byproducts of oil combustion.

2. Propane Is Highly Efficient

Think of propane as a distillation of natural gas. Raw natural gas is a mix of butane, pentane, ethane, and propane, all of which burn in different ways and at different temperatures. Isolated propane is much more stable than natural gas and gives off more energy when burned. You end up using less of it, leaving a smaller carbon footprint for your home.

3. Propane Is Not a Greenhouse Gas

Greenhouse gases are gases in the atmosphere that cause the planet to heat up. The man-made accumulation of greenhouse gases may be a contributor to global warming — we add to the effect by burning things such as gasoline, oil, and natural gas. Propane, however, is not a greenhouse gas. By choosing to burn propane, you help reduce the collective strain we place on our environment and even save yourself money in the process.


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