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Landscape Contractors Explain How to Choose Yard Fertilizer February 13, 2018

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Landscape Contractors Explain How to Choose Yard Fertilizer, Ballwin, Missouri

From organic to conventional, there are a number of fertilizer options available, all designed to help your yard recover from stress, disease, malnutrition, and any other cause for concern. When it comes to choosing the best option for your space, though, the landscape contractors at A Kick in the Grass Lawn Service in Ballwin, MO, say there are a few factors to take into account. Below, they share three tips to help you choose the best fertilizer for your yard.

Landscape Contractors Explain How to Choose the Best Fertilizer

1. Test pH Levels in Soil

The acidity and alkalinity levels in the soil play a major role in deciding which fertilizer to use. Before you pick an option, test the pH levels in the soil. Ideally, it should fall between 5.5 and 7.0. If the pH level is lower than 5.5, opt for a lime fertilizer. Sulfur-based products are best for lawns with pH content that hovers above 7.0. 

2. Understand Your Options

landscape contractorFertilizers fall into the granular, synthetic, organic, or liquid categories. Granular and synthetic fertilizers are known for their fast-acting capabilities, while organic varieties release nitrogen into the soil slowly, and liquid solutions need frequent reapplication for the best results. Knowing the differences between each option will help guide you toward the right decision. 

3. Know What the Numbers Mean

When looking at a bag or bottle of fertilizer, you’ll see a series of numbers stamped somewhere on the packaging. These numbers indicate the percentages of the main ingredients in the fertilizer: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. If you need grass to grow quickly, opt for an option with a high nitrogen count. For thick roots, stick with a fertilizer that is rich in phosphorous. If you need to combat diseases, one that is high in potassium will garner the best results.

For a professional opinion on which fertilizer will work best in your yard, turn to the knowledgeable landscape contractors at A Kick in the Grass Lawn Service in Ballwin, MO. They’ll also provide lawn maintenance solutions to keep your yard healthy while boosting the value and curb appeal of your space. To schedule an appointment, call (314) 471-6186, and visit the company online to explore the many ways they will care for your property.

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