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3 Signs Your Vehicle Has Failing Battery Terminal Ends February 20, 2018

Hilo, Hawaii
3 Signs Your Vehicle Has Failing Battery Terminal Ends, Hilo, Hawaii

These days, you can start your car with the press of a button—you don’t even need to insert and turn a key to start the ignition. However, when your car doesn’t start with ease, there could be a problem with the terminal ends of your battery. Before you find yourself stuck in a parking lot with a stalled engine, learn the warning signs of battery failure, and take a trip to an automotive supply store for a replacement.

Indications Your Vehicle’s Battery Terminal Ends Are Malfunctioning

1. Slow Engine Start

The way your engine acts is a major indicator of your battery’s condition. If your engine is slow to run, there’s likely a malfunction with your battery terminals that prohibits them from starting the engine. If you hear a clicking noise, the battery terminals might be loose or damaged. 

2. Visible Battery Corrosion

Open the hood of your car on a regular basis to check for visible signs of wear. If you find corrosion or rust on the battery, it’s time for a replacement. That corrosion, which usually appears in a blue or white powder form, can quickly to spread to other metal parts and leave you with an expensive bill for automotive supplies and repairs. The terminals are susceptible to corrosion because they’re connected to the battery and are exposed to the fumes it emits. Once corrosion builds up, it blocks the flow of power from the battery. 

3. Problems With Electrical Components

The battery is responsible for powering the electrical components of your car, so if your headlights seem dim, your navigation system fails, or your powered seats no longer work, you’ll want to have your battery checked. Severe corrosion can cause these electrical failures, and your terminal ends will likely need to be replaced.


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