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Visit Ray St. Clair's Roof Repair Experts at the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show February 9, 2018

Fairfield, Butler
Visit Ray St. Clair's Roof Repair Experts at the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show, Fairfield, Ohio

Every year, Ohio locals flock from all around to participate in the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show. This year, Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Honda Dealers are putting on the annual event, showcasing everything local businesses have to offer, including roof repairs, gardens, and landscaping. In one of the most highly anticipated stations is a booth especially dedicated to Ray St. Clair Roofing. The seasoned roof replacement experts are taking the time to speak with locals about everything from adding skylights to navigating chimney repairs. 

Roof Repair Experts Speak at the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show

February 24 & February 25 & March 1 Through March 4—10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Explore hundreds of booths featuring local exhibitors, sponsors, celebrities, and speakers. Whether you’re looking for roof repair advice or gardening expertise, you’ll find high-profile personnel who can make your home improvement dreams a reality. This year, there is more than 10,000 square feet of renovation inspiration created by Cincinnati’s most revered roofers, landscapers, and garden experts.

roof repairPlus, there are booths, like Ray St. Clair Roofing’s, that offer guests the chance to pick the brain of industry leaders in how to safely and effectively repair their roof with cutting-edge materials. If you’re partial to HGTV, you can even opt for a chance to hear Joanie Sprague and Matt Blashaw speak on their advice for home renovators. 

Learn More About Roof Repairs From Cincinnati’s Renovation Experts

If you’re in the market for roof repair tips, you won’t find anywhere else; secure your spot at this year’s Cincinnati Home and Garden Show. Stationed at booth 313, you’ll find friendly, enthusiastic roofing professionals who have dedicated their time and career to finding the most innovative, durable, and cost-efficient solutions for every home. For more information, visit Ray St. Clair Roofing online or buy your ticket for the event here

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