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Top 3 Occasions That Are Perfect for Photo Cakes February 13, 2018

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Top 3 Occasions That Are Perfect for Photo Cakes, Elyria, Ohio

When you want to celebrate special occasions with your loved ones, one of the best ways to do so is with a photo cake. By combining a delicious treat with humorous or sweet memories, these cakes can make any party more special. With modern technology, such as edible inks and icing paper, photographs can be turned into a delectable cake decoration. What occasions call for these special treats? Consider the guide below, which highlights a few events that are perfect for photo cakes.

Occasions That Call for Photo Cakes

photo cake1. Birthday Party

When a loved one turns older, many friends and family members wish them well for the year to come. It’s also fun to look back at all the great moments of the previous year—a photo cake can help you reminisce. Whether you choose one picture or create a digital collage, party guests will enjoy remembering the good times before digging into their delicious treat.

2. Engagement

These cakes are perfect for celebrating the engagement of your favorite couple. As these two individuals begin their journey towards marriage and a life together, why not create a cake that lets you look back on their pasts? Use funny photos of embarrassing childhood moments and sweet images of them when they first started dating. The couple will enjoy reflecting on the time they’ve already spent together as they look toward the future.

3. Graduation

Whether from high school, college, or a post-grad program, graduation is always a time to celebrate. You should consider surprising your loved one with a photo cake. This will make them feel extra special as they journey out of school and into a new phase of their life.


When you need to create the perfect photo cake, look no further than the experts at Dale’s Market & Deli in Elyria, OH. Serving the community for more than 50 years, this grocery store includes a bakery with unparalleled quality and attention to detail. They’ll be happy to discuss your options, such as cake flavors and what photos to use on your masterpiece. To learn more about this service, give them a call today at (440) 365-6551 or find more information online.
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