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Diving Into the History of Swimming Pools February 13, 2018

Clinton, Middlesex
Diving Into the History of Swimming Pools, Clinton, Connecticut

Did you know swimming pools date as far back as 5,000 years ago? Although many people may believe these luxurious home features are a recent innovation, these backyard oases have a long and illustrious history. The expert pool contractors from Davis Swimming Pools, based in Clinton, CT, are passionate about their industry’s history, and they share more about it below.

A Brief History of Swimming Pools

The Great Bath

Long before pool contractors were installing lush water features and electric heaters, the “great bath” was built in the Pakistani city settlement of Mohenjo-daro. Measuring more than 12 meters in length and seven meters in width, this pool even included staircases to help people enter and enjoy its depth of more than two meters. With the use of finely fitted bricks laid on gypsum plaster, the tank was watertight and used for bathing and religious functions.

Competitive Swimming

pool contractorPools became popular throughout Greek and Roman civilizations. However, it wasn’t until the 1800s that swimming became a competitive sport. Around this time, man-made indoor pools were built in London, and competitions became incredibly popular in 1880, as spectators watched swimmers using the sidestroke and breaststroke. In 1896, swimmers began competing for gold medals in Athens, Greece.

Modern-Day Pools

In the United States, modern-day in-ground pools were developed in the 1920s, when the Deep Eddy Pool in Austin, TX, was built. After World War II, pool contractors became a lot busier. Pools grew incredibly popular in the U.S. at this time because people associated them with the American Dream. Today, these features remain prevalent worldwide, as people continue to swim competitively and recreationally.

Today’s swimming pools offer a fun way to spend time with your family, relax, and exercise. If you’re ready to install one in your backyard before the summer arrives, get in touch with the team at Davis Swimming Pools. The staff has helped Clinton residents beat the heat since 1969 and will create a custom design to suit your style and budget. Call the pool contractors today at (860) 669-6919 or visit them online for more information about their services.

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