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Why Your Furry Friend Should Visit a Pet Hospital for Preventive Care February 13, 2018

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Why Your Furry Friend Should Visit a Pet Hospital for Preventive Care, Sanford, North Carolina

A balanced diet, adequate exercise, and lots of love are all things pet owners must give their furry friends to keep them healthy. But that’s not quite all there is to animal wellness. To keep your dog or cat in the best shape possible, it’s essential to schedule wellness visits with a veterinarian every year. Whether that be at an animal clinic or pet hospital, here are a few reasons why preventive care is crucial.  

3 Reasons to Invest in Preventive Health Care for Your Pet

1. Defend Against Disease

From kennel cough to rabies, many infectious animal diseases can be prevented with proper vaccinations. For the best protection, pet vaccines should be administered in the early months of a kitten’s or puppy’s life. Through routine wellness exams, your vet will provide additional immunizations to ensure your companion is current on all shots.  

2. Treat Conditions Early

Dogs and cats aren’tpet hospital always great at communicating the way they feel, which makes it tough to spot health issues as they develop. Fortunately, regular checkups at the pet hospital will provide the full insight you need to see how your animal’s health is shaping up. If a problem is developing, your veterinarian will offer early treatment that otherwise may not have been as successful.

3. Track Changes in Health

If you spend a lot of time with your furry friend, you might not always notice how their bodies are changing. Veterinarians, however, keep detailed records for every visit you make, allowing them to see how your pet is growing. For example, they may recognize changes in weight, fur growth, eyesight, hearing, or dental health.


When it comes to providing your dog or cat with preventive health care, select a pet hospital that offers reliable, caring support every time. Staffed with experienced specialists, Carolina Veterinary Hospital in Sanford, NC, will provide the routine care your animal needs to enjoy a healthy life. In addition to pet wellness exams, this veterinarian is equipped to provide a wide array of other services, including dentistry and surgery. Learn more about their resources online, or call (919) 258-3349 to schedule a convenient appointment at this friendly animal clinic.  

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