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3 Key Memory Care Tips for Your Elderly Loved One February 13, 2018

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3 Key Memory Care Tips for Your Elderly Loved One, Biron, Wisconsin

With age, many seniors tend to become more forgetful. Even without a medical diagnosis of dementia, it may become increasingly challenging to remain organized, follow conversations, or simply stay as sharp as one once was. If you notice your loved one becoming more confused or absentminded, there are steps you can take to provide support and assistance. These memory care tips can help improve concentration and recall performance in day-to-day life. 

How to Support Your Elderly Loved One With Memory Care

1. Engage in Social Activities 

Spending time with friends and family may help stave off memory loss, studies suggest. As it becomes more challenging for elderly individuals to get from point A to point B, social interactions tend to likewise decline. To help your loved one stay healthy and happy, work to foster regular social encounters.    

2. Play Brain Games

memory-careTo maintain cognitive agility into old age, one must practice. Mentally-stimulating activities like learning a language, playing chess, or doing a puzzle can help improve and maintain memory skills. Whether you play the piano with your loved one or a game of poker, you can spend quality time together as well as help bolster mental stamina.

3. Get Active

Studies show that consistent exercise helps aid in memory and thinking skills. Scientists think that benefits of physical activity, including reduced inflammation, improved insulin resistance, and the increased growth of new blood vessels, help stimulate the parts of the brain that control memory. If you want to help your loved one stay mentally fit, you may be surprised to learn that you should actually get outside and get moving.


Finding a sense of community and belonging can help your loved one remain mentally and physically well. For the additional support your elderly loved one needs, look to the compassionate long-term care providers from Wellington Place at Biron. Based in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, the not-for-profit provides the memory care services seniors need to live well. To learn more about the assisted living organization, visit the website. You may also call a helpful professional at (715) 423-5600. 

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