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Why Cell Phone Repair Is Better Than Replacement February 13, 2018

Glen Allen, Henrico
Why Cell Phone Repair Is Better Than Replacement , Glen Allen, Virginia

You rely on your smartphone for everything from communicating with friends and family to getting directions. When it breaks down, whether it’s as a result of physical damage or an internal glitch, your first instinct may be to get a new device. However, cell phone repair is often a better option. Experimac Glen Allen is the Henrico County, VA’s go-to resource for iPhone® repair, and they explain three reasons to consider cell phone repair first.

You’ll Save Money 

Electronics are a significant investment. A new smartphone could cost hundreds of dollars, and if you can’t pay for it upfront, you’ll have to make payments each month, adding another bill to your monthly expenditures. Even if you trade in your old device, you’ll still have to pay quite a bit for a new model. Repairs, on the other hand, are inexpensive, saving you a ton of money. 

Extend Your Device’s Life Span 

cell-phone-repairCell phone repair can extend the life of your smartphone if performed by a trustworthy professional. New isn’t always better; your old model may have quite a bit of life left in it. With routine maintenance and prompt repairs, you could continue to use it for several years. 

Repairs Are Better for the Earth 

Cell phones, like most electronics, are made of materials that must be disposed of properly to avoid contaminating groundwater and the environment. Most people, however, throw their broken cell phones in the trash instead of taking them to a recycling center. By repairing your device instead of buying a new one right away, you’ll keep those potentially harmful materials out of landfills. When you need to replace a piece of equipment, the technicians at a cell phone repair store will know how to dispose of it safely. 

If your device isn’t working as well as it should, take it to a professional for cell phone repair. Residents of Henrico County count on the experienced team at Experimac Glen Allen for reliable, affordable iPhone® repair complete with a 90-day warranty. Call (804) 525-4240 to speak with a friendly staff member, or visit their website for more information about their services. 

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