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3 Necessary Power Tool Safety Tips February 20, 2018

Port Jervis, Orange
3 Necessary Power Tool Safety Tips, Port Jervis, New York

Now that spring is right around the corner, you’re likely getting plans together for home improvement projects. Berthiaume's Neversink Lumber want New York residents to stay safe when handling power tools, since amateurs make up nearly 70% of equipment-related injuries at emergency rooms. This family-owned Port Jervis hardware store has shared the top safety precautions you should always follow when working on a project.

3 Power Tool Safety Tips Every Builder Needs

Inspect Your Tools Regularly

Inspect your power tools at least once a season for signs of wear and tear. While some damage will require you to replace your equipment, others can be easily fixed at home.

  • Test It Out: Check that all moving parts run smoothly, and apply a lubricant to any metal that rubs together. Tighten loose screws and bolts that might be causing issues.
  • Assess Surface Damage: Nicks on power tools like jigsaws and circular saws can easily be filed down, but prepare to replace tools with a crack that’s larger than a hairline.
  • Remove Rust: Too much rust can ruin your tools and make them more likely to break during use. Fortunately, rust is often easy to remove with soapy water and sandpaper. 

Learn About New Home Improvement Supplies

power-toolsEvery time you bring a new power tool home, don’t toss everything immediately. Read through the manual to ensure you’re aware of any built-in safety features, and keep it filed away for later use. Check to see where the moving parts are, and ensure that it’s stored correctly.

Store Hardware Supplies Correctly

Store power tools in a safe environment that’s out of reach from children; this location should be kept cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight. 

Whether it’s a pegboard or a tool chest, you should also find an organization method that works for you. Shelving and wall cabinets are great ways to utilize wall space in cramped garages. If you don’t have a room to dedicate to storage, consider buying a rollaway workbench. They’re versatile and functional, making it easy to start projects and store tools when you’re done.

If you need advice on how to operate a power tool safely, call a team of experts for advice and services. Berthiaume's Neversink Lumber has served the community for over 60 years and has built a strong reputation based on customer service. This hardware store offers low-priced power tools, building materials, and other home improvement supplies. Call (845) 856-5161 to speak with a team member about your project needs.

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