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4 FAQ About Children’s Vaccines February 13, 2018

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4 FAQ About Children’s Vaccines, Chantilly, Virginia

Vaccines are a part of every child’s life and crucial to their well-being. However, some parents have reservations about them, which is why the staff at HealthSmart Vaccines in Chantilly, VA, want to weigh in. Vaccines are extremely safe and integral to keeping your child healthy as they age. It’s important to understand what they do, as well as their necessity.

Children’s Vaccines FAQ

1. What Are Vaccines?

vaccinesWhen your children are young, their bodies aren’t fully developed, and, therefore, can’t properly combat certain illnesses. Vaccines circumvent this issue. As a weakened form of a disease, they allow your child to develop the antibodies necessary protect them in the future.

2. Are They Safe?

Vaccines are completely safe and undergo extensive testing and approval processes. They’re constantly being updated, and improvements match any changes or developments related to prominent diseases. Side effects are minimal and are typically only associated with the injection rather than the vaccines.

3. What Vaccines Should My Child Get?

The CDC recommends a variety of vaccines be administered from birth to when your child is seven years old. Common ones protect against polio, brain and blood infections, various forms of hepatitis, and influenza. Speak with your physician about a preferred vaccine administration schedule.

4. Can Vaccines Cause Health Complications?

One of the biggest fears for parents is that vaccines will create serious health issues in their children. A common worry is a connection to autism. However, there’s no scientific proof to back this or any other connections to health problems. Because the germ injected into your child is so weak, it’s extremely rare that it could cause any issues beyond minimal side effects for a day or two.

It’s best to follow an approved schedule for children’s vaccines, so turn to the professionals at HealthSmart Vaccines to ensure your child is up to date. They offer a variety of vaccinations, including travel vaccines. Call (703) 961-0733 today to schedule an appointment and visit their website and Facebook to learn more.

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