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3 Awesome Folding Hacks to Save Space in Your Closet Organizer March 6, 2018

Botany Hills, Covington
3 Awesome Folding Hacks to Save Space in Your Closet Organizer, Covington, Kentucky

Even if you spend all the time in the world building customized closet organizers for your home, you could still run into space limitations simply because of the way you fold your clothes. Decluttering your closet with effective folding techniques is one of the simplest and effective ways to save space without throwing away beloved garments.

Clever Folding Techniques to Try in Your Closet

1. Socks

There are few things as aggravating as a missing sock. With this technique, you’ll not only account for every pair of socks, but you’ll also save more space in your drawers than you’d imagine. For long socks, stack them on top of each other, fold the open ends two-thirds of the way down, then tuck the toes into the opening. For short socks, do the same, except fold the open ends just a third of the way down. 

2. T-Shirts

closet organizersAccording to robots, the best way to fold a t-shirt to save space is by forming it into a rectangle. Start by folding the short sleeves in, then fold the outer edges of the shirt over those sleeves until they’re no longer visible. Lastly, take the bottom half of the shirt and fold it in half until you get a small, rectangular shape – no neckline or sleeves should be visible. 

3. Button-Downs

A wrinkled button-down shirt is especially annoying to encounter when you’re in a rush to dress well. However, no number of beautiful closet organizers can diminish how tricky it can be to fold a button-down well; enlist the help of a magazine for this technique.

First, place the dress shirt face-down with a magazine placed just below the collar in the middle. Take one sleeve and fold it until the shirt completely folds over the magazine, then fold the sleeve down the middle of the shirt and repeat this step with the other sleeve. Fold the bottom of the shirt fully over the magazine, then take out the magazine from the top. 


Whether you’re implementing clothing hacks to declutter your closet or looking to bring in effective closet organizers in your life, Cincinnati Closets® in Covington, KY, is available to meet your needs. When it comes to your home, you deserve top-of-the-line organizers to keep your place neat and beautiful. Call (513) 631-7939 or visit their website to learn more about their “Closet Genie” who is ready to revamp your space. 

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