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5 Questions Children Ask About Death & How to Answer Them March 1, 2018

Marietta, Cobb
5 Questions Children Ask About Death & How to Answer Them, Marietta, Georgia

Death is always difficult to handle, especially if a child is experiencing it for the first time. You may find your little one asking questions that seem tough to answer well. The compassionate funeral directors at West Cobb Funeral Home & Crematory in Marietta, GA, understand what a challenge addressing these queries can be. Here, they recommend a few good responses to some commonly asked questions.

A Funeral Director’s Guide to Answering a Child’s Questions About Death

What Is Death?

It is important to be calm and honest with your child. Explain it is what happens when someone’s body stops working. This means they can no longer eat, sleep, breathe, or do other activities they once enjoyed. If you are spiritual or religious, you can talk about how the person they knew doesn’t need their body anymore and has moved on.

Why Do People Die?

Explain bodies can be damaged by an accident, illness, or age. It’s important to be factual, but there’s no need to delve into complicated explanations. Some small children may feel guilty about bad thoughts they had about the deceased, so you should let them know their wishes or bad thoughts did not cause someone to die.

Will I Die? 

funeralThis question often comes after the previous one. You may feel the need to protect your child, but again, it is best to be honest and open to them to avoid future trauma. Tell them at some point, they will not need their body, but it won’t happen until they are very old. You can also stress they won’t die just because someone they love has.

Where Do Dead People Go?

This aspect of grief support is critical, because your religion or spirituality can influence how children relate to death and how they see the world. If your culture does believe in an afterlife, educate them on the stories of a positive next existence. If you are not religious, you can say a special part of their loved one will always live in their heart.

What Is a Funeral?

This question may arise if your family chooses to commemorate a loved one. Simply explain a funeral is a good way to say goodbye to a loved one, remember them with stories, and lean on others for support. 

If you have recently lost someone close to you and need to plan a funeral, reach out to the team at West Cobb Funeral Home & Crematory. They will assist you with the arrangements and ensure you receive compassionate support along the way. Call (770) 419-9234 to speak with a team member, or visit their website for more information.