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4 Benefits of Buying Used Car Parts From a Junkyard February 13, 2018

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4 Benefits of Buying Used Car Parts From a Junkyard, Waterford, Connecticut

Expensive auto maintenance services prompt many vehicle owners to look into economical alternatives. Buying used car parts is one way for them to save on restorative solutions. To get the best deals on preowned components, purchase them at a local auto recycling yard. Doing so offers several long- and short-term benefits, which are discussed below.

4 Benefits of Buying Used Car Parts From a Junkyard

1. Affordability

The spare parts available at a salvage yard are much cheaper than their brand new counterparts. If you’re buying from a reliable place, you can count on receiving components that still have several years of life left. There’s also room for bargaining, so you may end up bringing the price down even lower than the original quote.

Used Car Parts2. On-the-Spot Availability

Big retailers may need a few days if a part is currently not available in their inventory. This can put your vehicle repairs on hold and cause you major inconvenience. A junkyard, on the other hand, can match you with the required component when you walk in. Just call their team beforehand and confirm if they have the part you need.

3. Access to Vintage Parts

Finding the correct parts for an older vehicle model can often be difficult. That’s because auto companies often stop producing the necessary components, leaving car owners no other option but to turn to a salvage yard. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find the corresponding part for your vehicle’s make at these auto recycling centers.

4. Environmental Preservation

Retrieving and reusing older parts also preserves and protects the environment from destruction. These practices don't just encourage car owners to recycle manufactured components–they also reduce the production waste generated by auto companies. They also decrease the volume of discarded metal and scrap in landfills.


Used car parts provide an economical and eco-friendly alternative to new ones. For the most reliable reusable components, take a look at the inventory at Dean’s Auto Recycling. This salvage yard in Quaker Hill, CT, has served area residents for more than 20 years. Find out about their collection of recyclable items by calling (860) 443-4219 or visiting their website.

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