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How to Prevent Spoilage During Grain Storage February 13, 2018

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How to Prevent Spoilage During Grain Storage, Platteville, Wisconsin

Many farmers face challenges when it comes to grain storage. Without the proper techniques, they may find a large supply of grain irreversibly spoiled. But how can you prevent your grain supply from expiring prematurely? To help answer this question, the following guide outlines a few best practices and why they’re important.

What Are the Best Grain Storage Practices?

grain storageWhen it comes to storing your grain, the first thing you should do is properly prepare the storage bins. Carefully clean them out and remove any grain that might contain insects. Then, make sure you are only storing high-quality grain, particularly for the long-term.

Next, ensure you are controlling moisture and temperature appropriately. Dry your grain to an acceptable moisture content based on storage life charts. These charts indicate the maximum amount of time the grain should be stored based on its moisture content, and you should dry it to the necessary level depending on how long you intend to keep it stowed away.

While the grain is in storage, regularly measure its moisture content and temperature. When necessary, you can adjust temperature with aeration techniques. This means the grain should be evenly distributed, not concentrated in the center. To do this, you may need to use a grain spreader or practice repetitive coring. Proper aeration and temperature cables will allow you to control the temperature in your bins and prevent spoilage.

Why Are They Important?

Preventing spoilage in your grain storage is important, as it affects profitability. If most of your grain spoils due to improper storage techniques, you may lose a significant amount of revenue. By keeping it fresh and healthy, you can avoid these issues and earn the maximum possible profit from your harvest.


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