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How to Determine if Your Car Is Drivable After an Accident February 13, 2018

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How to Determine if Your Car Is Drivable After an Accident, Columbia, Missouri

Getting into an auto accident isn’t an enjoyable experience, but, fortunately, some accidents are minor enough to drive away from, even if your vehicle has taken a bit of damage. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to know if your car is in good enough shape to make it home or to an auto body repair shop. Here’s what you need to consider when making that decision.

Safety Considerations to Keep in Mind After an Accident

1. Law

The line between “drivable” and “undrivable” isn’t always clearly defined in the eyes of the law. If law enforcement is on the scene, an officer should be able to examine your vehicle and determine if it’s safe to drive. Generally speaking, if you can operate the car without any major issues or extra considerations, it’s OK to drive. There are, however, damages that can render your car unsafe to operate.

2. Lighting

Even relatively minor fender benders can crack or completely break headlights and taillights. If you’ve been involved in an accident, always check these lights and your turn signals (on both the front and rear of the vehicle) to make sure everything is operational. Driving with broken lights could result in a ticket or put other motorists in danger. Small cracks can even let moisture into the lighting cavity and cause unexpected outages. If your car has sustained significant damage to its lights, it’s best to call a professional auto body repair shop for immediate service.

3. Tire & Alignment Issues

auto body repairAny tire damage can cause an accident or further issues with your vehicle. Because of this, you should never drive your car if there are any concerns regarding the tires, such as a flat. Similarly, alignment problems can make a vehicle difficult to control or exacerbate existing damage. 

4. Leaking Fluids

Not all vehicle damage can be noticed right away, so it’s important to take a full and careful inventory of the car’s various systems before driving off. This includes examining the underside of the vehicle to check for any fluids that might be dripping out. A car can sometimes be driven while it’s leaking antifreeze or oil, but it’s a clear sign that it should be taken to an auto body repair shop as soon as possible.


If you’ve been in an accident, it’s crucial to know when it’s safe to drive your vehicle. Schneider Auto Body LLC has been the premier source for auto body repair in Columbia, MO, for over 28 years. With a skilled team of technicians, capable of handling a wide variety of vehicle damage on nearly any make and model, the company takes pride in offering efficient and expert work with exceptional customer service. For more information on their services, call (573) 815-0198 or visit their website today.

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